Oral Rehabilitation 

The oral rehabilitation is the part of the Dentistry responsible for the restoration that is to say, it returns the aesthetic function and oral harmony by means of dental prostheses after the loss of teeth, great destructions or to solve aesthetic problems, always looking for an occlusion and correct function. 

Oral rehabilitation is a specialty within dentistry that integrally combines the areas of adhesive prosthesis, fixed prosthesis, removable prosthesis, operative, occlusion and dental implant, which performs the diagnosis and treatment plan appropriate to the patient of high complexity that requires recover your oral health through the most modern rehabilitation techniques. 

In turn, it establishes a close relationship with the other disciplines of dentistry, such as periodontics, endodontics and orthodontics. Through current dentistry techniques it is possible to make such rehabilitations by means of fixed prostheses on teeth or dental implants in more than 95% of patients, which avoids the use of removable prostheses that are always uncomfortable and in many cases impossible to bear. 

The prostheses replace missing teeth and can be removed and replaced in the mouth. While it takes some time for some people to get used to it and never feel it exactly like their own dentures, current prostheses look very natural and are better tolerated than in the past. 

MODERN ORAL REHABILITATION has evolved to Adhesive Restorations which are much less invasive and have come to replace dental crowns by the so-called Occlusal Veneers. They do not need to hug the teeth like crowns, but instead, they only replace the missing portion of the tooth or the affected teeth.

With the Occlusal Veneers manufacturing systems also called "No Post Restorations NO Crown", it is against to prepare a tooth for a crown. Dental crowns are only indicated to replace existing crowns but never for a tooth that has not yet been prepared for them.