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Oral rehabilitation is the specialty of dentistry that is responsible for returning the function to a person's stomatognathic system. The stomatognathic system consists basically of the oral cavity, the structures that make it up and the temporal-mandibular joint. Within the oral rehabilitation is implantology, prosthodontics and other specialties forming an integral set for the functional and aesthetic development of the oral cavity of a person. There are several ways to rehabilitate teeth that have been lost, these forms are: Osseointegrated implants, partial fixed prosthesis, removable partial denture, total prosthesis, depending on the number of teeth lost, the quality of teeth present and the bone that supports them. will establish how a tooth can be rehabilitated.


Cosmetic or esthetic dentistry is a specialty of dentistry that solves problems related to oral health and aesthetic harmony of the mouth in its entirety. The smile can be analyzed by studying each of its components: lips, gums and teeth. The analysis of the smile is essential to provide through the various types of treatments, a harmonious, pleasant and balanced smile. 


Implantology involves the placement of one or more titanium screws inside the bone in order to create support pillars for the teeth to be replaced. The titanium screws have special coatings on their surfaces completely biocompatible with the human body. The success of these screws is based on the osseointegration defined as the process of bone formation around and inside the threads of a screw allowing to create support and distribution of forces directly to the bone. Implants are applicable in patients who have lost a single tooth, in patients who have lost several teeth and in patients who do not have any teeth.