For many years orthodontists have finished their treatments achieving excellent results by improving the position of the teeth. But there are details that go beyond the position that each tooth occupies in the mouth.

That is why at Dental Life we ​​have developed We have a treatment protocol where we combine the benefits of orthodontics (moving the teeth) and the smile design. 

In this novel treatment protocol, patients start with a Smile Digital Analysis and Design to then continue the treatments so that the final result is the best smile that each patient can have, combining orthodontics with the different specialties of dentistry. 

What Orthodontics can not do ?

With the passage of time and the use of teeth, they lose their external texture giving them the appearance of older teeth. 

This occurs around the age of 30 and that is why one of the techniques to rejuvenate the smile is to return this macro and micro texture with non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques.

Many times this texture is lost when removing the brackets and that is why an aesthetic retouch is always necessary at the end of the orthodontic treatments that return this lost structure.

Asymmetries in shapes and sizes:

 When the size and shape of the teeth is not correct and worse even when there is no symmetry. It is impossible to get a good result even if they align their teeth. 

We can see in these artists how the smile was aligned but it was necessary to make dental restorations to obtain the Hollywood smiles they have today. 

Well this is what we have developed in Dental Life so that our patients do not finish their orthodontic treatments only with aligned teeth if not with the smile more harmonious and aesthetic that modern dentistry can offer them. 

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