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What is smile design?

The Smile Designs are made in 3 Stages 

  1. Analysis and Digital Design 
  2. Mock Up or test in the mouth of the digitally designed (Temporary) 
  3. Realization of the final design (permanent) 

To illustrate this in a better way, I will use the case of one of my most special patients, Miss Keity Drennan, Miss Panama for Miss Universe, who was among the 15 most beautiful women in the world

Stage 1

Analysis and Digital Design

This first stage, in turn, is divided into 2 steps:

The Smile Digital Analysis:

 As the term says, it is just studying all the factors that make that smile does not comply with the preset parameters of beauty, such as symmetry, golden proportion, harmony between the internal parts of the mouth and the face in general, etc. 

Once we have detected all the elements that we must correct, we move on to the Digital Design. 

The Smile Digital Design: It is the digital correction in the patient's photograph, of all those elements detected in the Digital Analysis, in such a way that we achieve as a result the perfect digital smile. 

After this stage we will have as a result 2 photos: The first one is the patient's current smile and The second one is the digital result of the perfect smile for this patient

Stage 2

Mock Up or Mouth Test digitally designed (Temporary Treatment)

In this stage, what we do is place the teeth in the patient's mouth (with a temporary material, NOT invasive and totally reversible) as they were done in the digital design so that the patient can see if the result satisfies or not their expectations. This material can last a couple of days, which is useful for other people of the patient's confidence, give their opinion about it. If there is something that you would like to improve, then we go back to Stage 1 to correct the digital design and proceed to make a new Mock Up. Once the patient is satisfied with the result, we move on to the final stage of making the final design. 

Stage 3

Realization of the final design (permanent)

It is in this Stage when we initiate the actual treatment in the patient. The two previous stages are merely diagnostic and planning, but it is at this level that we really start to make the permanent works in the patient's mouth.

What treatments do we do in the Stage 3? 

During my 15-year career I have received many patients and even friends who ask me about the price of a smile design, and I think this is because they think it is a specific treatment. 

Well, it's not like that... 

The smile design is nothing more than improving the position, color, size and shape of a person's teeth in such a way that the end result is a harmonious and pleasant smile in the eyes of most people and of course of the patient. But to achieve this result, each patient must receive a series of different treatments since the initial situation is not the same in all people. For a smile design, in many cases we must first work with orthodontics (braces), then restorations either on existing teeth or on implants. In some cases it is as simple as placing resins (white soda) on a pair of teeth and the design is ready. To illustrate this, I will take 3 of my cases that you can see in the Before and After Cases tab.

In this case it was only necessary to make 6 resins (white calsas) to achieve a harmonic smile in this patient. Which was made in two appointments, without even the need to use anesthesia and at a considerably low cost.

However, in this other case, a series of bone graft surgeries was necessary, since the patient had severe loss of teeth and important defects in the shape of her bone and therefore of her gums, which gave an unattractive appearance. Then several implants were placed and finally porcelain crowns were placed on all the upper teeth.

En este úIn this last case it was only necessary to make small increments of resin (white calsas) in the triangles formed by the anterior teeth to achieve a better aesthetic appearance. 

Therefore in these 3 cases a smile design was made, but the treatment to reach the final result was not the same. 

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